Sometimes the situation of either party or the children change post judgment. In order to modify a child support, spousal support, or custody order, there must be a “change in circumstances.” If you believe a change has occurred, it is important to seek the assistance of an experiences family law attorney. Our approach in every case is to try to do everything that can and should be done to ensure our client is in the strongest possible position to negotiate a settlement or present a contested case to the court in a trial.

  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Physical or Legal Custody
  • Relocation

452.377 Relocation statute:  “Absent exigent circumstances as determined by a court with jurisdiction, you, as a party to this action, are ordered to notify, in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, and at least sixty days prior to the proposed relocation, each party to this action of any proposed relocation of the principal residence of the children, including the following information: (1) The intended new residence, including the specific address and mailing address, if know, and if not known, the city; (2) The home telephone number of the new residence, if known; (3) The date of the intended move or proposed relocation; (4) A brief statement of the specific reasons for the proposed relocation of the child; and (5) A proposal for a revised schedule of custody or visitation with the children. Your obligation to provide this information to each party continues as long as you or any other party by virtue of this order is entitled to custody of child covered by this order. Your failure to obey the order of this court regarding the proposed relocation may result in further litigation to enforce such order, including contempt of court. In addition, your failure to notify a party of a relocation of the child may be considered in a proceeding to modify custody or visitation with the child. Reasonable costs and attorney fees may be assessed against you if you fail to give the required notice.”


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