Domestic Violence

If you find yourself in an altercation or other situation involving domestic violence, even if you have been in similar situations before, call the police. Law enforcement’s preferred response is arrest or separation of the parties for a “cooling off” period if there is no court order in place barring the parties from contact. If you fear for your life and have nowhere to go, the police may direct you to a shelter so that your whereabouts remain confidential. If you have children subjected to such violence, they should be taken out of the situation as well, whether to friends, relatives, or the shelter.

If you are or have been a victim of abuse, or are an aggressor, never underestimate the true danger that rage poses to both victim and aggressor.

If you are a victim and being abused or harmed, worry about one thing only; saving your own life.

Sort out the details later.

If you are the abuser, seek treatment immediately and voluntarily. Situations such as yours are not uncommon, and help is available. Once domestic violence is brought to the attention of a court, most judges will assume that the cycle will continue without some form of professional intervention.

To file an adult abuse you must go to the courthouse where you reside. Make sure to bring the name and address (home as well as work) of the abuser.

Fill out the paperwork as completely as possible; give specific information. If you are in fear, you must state that specifically and not assume a court will interpret an action.


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